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Second Grade


In Second Grade at OLBS, we spend a good deal of time focusing on Literacy and Math. The early years of school are especially important in these areas because it is during this time that the basics are established and reinforced. The skills we teach in Second Grade are presented in multiple ways, so as to reach all kinds of learners.

Our Literacy Curriculum encompasses Reading, Writing, Phonics, Grammar, Handwriting, and Spelling. We spend three periods a day, five days a week, doing a combination of whole-group, small-group, and independent work in these areas. During these three periods, the children work through a series of Center Activities, either small-groups or independently, to reinforce the skills being taught in the whole-group setting. Also scheduled into this time frame, children will meet the teacher in small, leveled groups to work on skills more specific to those children.

The Math Curriculum in Second Grade has just recently changed all over the country! We are adapting to these changes by blocking out our math time as well into two periods a day, five days a week. During this time, we do whole-group instruction, working in pairs or small groups with hands-on materials, and independent work. To establish a concrete foundation in the basics of math, we use manipulative to practice visualizing the concepts. These include base-ten blocks to help understand the idea of place value, carrying, borrowing, unifix cubes for counting and building numbers, play money, individual clocks, and more. The new curriculum allows more time for mastery of the concepts presented.

Don't forget the rest of the subjects! In Second Grade, we also cover Social Studies, Science, Religion, and we have our specials of course! In Social Studies we'll be learning about where we fit into our world and how we can both affect and be affected by the surrounding environment. In Science, we'll explore the natural world and get our hands dirty. A big focus in Religion this year is the Sacrament of First Reconciliation.

We like to have fun, and at the same time we are learning to be responsible and independent workers, how to work with others, and most importantly, how to be life-long learners!