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Pre-Kindergarten 3 & Pre-Kindergarten 4


The Pre-K Program at Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament School is a faith based, well designed, high-quality program that will prepare your child for kindergarten, elementary school, and beyond. Research shows that children who attend high-quality Pre-K programs perform better in school and throughout life. They have more advanced language and math skills and enter kindergarten knowing how "school" works.


The goal of the Pre-K/ Kindergarten Readiness Program at OLBS is to prepare your child for future school success by developing strong foundational skills in early literacy and mathematics. The Pre-K curriculum is aligned with the NYS Common Core Learning Standards and provides a variety of daily opportunities for language and reasoning, science, math, block play, dramatic play, art, and music. Throughout the day, children learn through whole class activities, small groups, and individual interactions with the teacher.


The Catholic Faith is integrated into the Pre-K curriculum every day.  The students learn about Creation and their responsibility for all that God created.  They will learn that God loves and cares for His children.  They will develop an understanding of Scripture by listening to and role playing Bible stories.  They will learn about Catholic traditions and prayer.  And beginning in January they will attend weekly mass with the school on Friday mornings.

Additional Opportunities

Throughout the week the students also have the opportunity to extend their learning and development by participating in specials such as library/computers, art, music, gym and the STREAM (science, technology, religion, engineering, arts and math) program.

 During STREAM time students are engaged in activities that challenge them to think, explore, invent and construct.   Children take the lead in exploring, and asking open-ended questions that help them to reflect, form theories, ask questions, and explore more.  It is about active, hands-on, focused exploration of objects, materials, and events around them.  This past year the students used fairy tales to help them investigate “how to build a better mousetrap”.  For Cinderella, they designed and built a cleaning tool that would help her get to the ball faster. They discussed in their peer groups what kind of tasks Cinderella had to do, what would help her complete these tasks, and then using a variety of materials, designed and built a cleaning tool.

They have further opportunities to learn and grow by going on field trips, participating in school-wide concerts and activities and participating in after school clubs.  Last year the students learned about architecture by visiting the Our Lady of Victory Basilica.  They observed and counted the various pictures and sculptures of angels present in the Basilica.  They toured the Albright Knox Art Gallery and were given a tour, observing different plane and solid shapes used in art.  They visited the Buffalo Science Museum and learned and played in the Curious George Exhibit.  The students participated in the Christmas and Spring concerts, combining their voices with those of the other students in the school.  They also participated in after school clubs like the Community Service and Baking Club.