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Our music program includes all classes, PreK through 8th grade. In the primary grades PreK through grade 2 we focus on group singing, movement, and action songs. The children will use rhythm instruments to learn about a steady beat and learn how to keep the beat.

We will have some singing and movement but our main focus is music theory. The children will learn parts of the orchestra, how to read simple music, and write a simple song. They will also learn about classical music and some composers

In junior high, the focus changes to more music appreciation. The students will learn about music’s beginnings. They will see how it has evolved through learning about various musical periods, composers, and types of music. I also try to incorporate modern and current trends in music. I try to keep it contemporary according to the student's interests.

Instilling an interest in the arts is my goal. The arts can be a way for students to channel their emotions especially during the challenging time we face right now. I hope our music program can be an outlet for the students to help eliminate some of the stress they are dealing with.