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Seventh Grade HR, Science 6-8, Health 7-8 - Miss Marissa Maggiore

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Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament School has organized its science curriculum in a format consistent with the New York State Science Core Curricula.

Students at the Elementary Level are engaged in many activities to explore the natural world in a variety of topics including Living Environment and the Physical Setting. Instruction at this level culminates with the New York State Elementary Level Science Test, given at the end of the fourth grade.

Students at the Intermediate Level (grades 5-8) continue to explore a wide range of topics. They focus on a select area of study such as Earth Science, Physical Science, and Life Science. Students experience many science inquiries, activities and labs. Every week each class participates in a hands-on laboratory session.

The New York State Intermediate Level Science Test is administered at the end of the eighth grade.



Students will learn about the Earth's surface, create and interprete contour maps, study forces that affect the Earth such as weathering and erosion. They will study various types of minerals and rocks as well as earthquakes and volcanoes. Different instruments will be used to take measurements of mass, volume, and density.

The second half of the year is focused on studying the human body systems.  There is one lab period per week.



Students will explore the following: composition of matter including atomic structure, physical and chemical changes, introduction to chemistry and the Periodic Table, writing balanced equations, acids and bases, and thermal energy. This course ties together many concepts taught in math class, so a calculator is essential. Students have a lab period once a week.



Topics covered are: cells, genetics, classification of organisms, bacteria, viruses, plants and animals. There is also one lab period per week. Dissection of various organisms such as the earthworm, starfish, clam, and frog are done as well as investigations using the microscope.

Students in this course will take the NYS Intermediate Science Test in June.


Students who maintained a high average in 7th grade science are offered the opportunity to take the Regents Living Environment and receive high school credit. This is a rigorous course and students should maintain an 85 average. Topics taught are: scientific inquiry, homeostasis in organisms including cellular respiration and photosynthesis, genetics, evolution, protein synthesis, human anatomy and physiology.

Four  New York State mandated lab experiments plus 1200 minutes of hands-on investigations are required in order to write the Regents exam in June.