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School Media Center, Grade Pre-K to 3 Technology, and Grade 5, 6 & 8 Religion - Mrs. Wagner

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The library media center is accessible anytime during school operating hours. Students grade K-8 attend library class once a week and are able to borrow materials each time they visit the library.

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Faith Formation - Grade 8

This course is divided into two parts. At the beginning of the school year, the students will learn about the history of our Catholic Church from Jesus' Great Commission to the Apostles to modern times. The second part delves into Morality, or the way we have been created to live as children of God, as Jesus taught us. The main focus will be on how to develop a well-formed conscience and how to live the commandments successfully. It is hoped that as the students begin their young adult lives, they will apply the teachings of the Church to their lives, maintain their faith through good times and bad, and go out to tell the world about Jesus by the way they live their lives.