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Middle School Math and RTI - Mr. Randy Kent

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Mathematics- 5th Grade

In math class at the 5th-grade level students will begin working with numbers in new forms (fractions, decimals, etc.). They will then use the new types of rational numbers they've learned to establish the foundations of higher-level thinking in math. They will learn basic algebraic concepts, introductory geometry, PEMDAS/ Order of Operations, and how to begin graphing. 

Mathematics- 6th Grade

At the 6th-grade level, students will begin using the math they've learned with negative numbers. They will begin with a review of decimals, and fractions, and the more complicated examples of those types of problems, such as percentages and proportions. Students will then utilize the arithmetic they know to work out negative numbers and number lines. They will work with equations and inequalities, expanding those into algebraic expressions eventually. They will finish off with geometry, and statistics. 

Mathematics- 7th Grade

7th grade is arguably the most important year in math learning. It is where students begin working on true intermediate-level problems in all facets of math. They will begin with an essential review and jump right into operations with signed numbers (positive and negative). They will then work on proportions, and relate those to percentages. They will then learn about linear equations and linear algebra, which are crucial to success in mathematics today. Finally, they will expand on the 6th-grade information regarding geometry and statistics. 

Mathematics- 8th Grade

Preparing to begin high school, 8th grade focuses heavily on algebraic concepts and geometric concepts. They will be taking algebra I/II, and geometry soon, so establishing those foundations early provides a huge benefit. They will come to understand everything about functions, up through cubic functions. They will then use their knowledge of functions to evaluate systems of equations and create, read graphs effectively.