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Fifth Grade - Mrs. Jennifer Wagner

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General Expectations of 5th Grade:
● To be Respectful, Responsible, and Kind to teachers and students
● To follow the rules of the classroom
● To be prepared every day!
● To complete homework nightly

Religion is incorporated into many aspects of the school day. Students will
continue to build on the foundational skills learned in the previous years. Some
topics we will cover are: scripture, learn and review prayers, and learn Church
Utilize the Finding God family website to review for the session assessments and
Unit tests.


Fifth grade students will cover the following topics: scientific method, weather,
biomes, ecosystems, electromagnetic spectrum, waves - light and sound,
forces/motion, and simple machines.
Students are introduced to laboratory equipment and will have hands-on lab
activities throughout the year.

Social Studies: The Western Hemisphere
Grade 5 Social Studies is based on the history and geography of the Western
Hemisphere, including the development of cultures, civilizations, and empires;
interaction between societies; and the comparison of the government and
economic systems of modern nations. It also incorporates elements of
archaeology. The course is divided into seven Key Ideas that cover a time span
from prehistory into modern times.

English Language Arts:
Students will be prepared to take the New York State ELA test in April. We work on
developing their vocabulary, phonic and grammar skills to become better readers
and writers. These are all incorporated throughout the school day in the various
subjects.  There will also be weekly spelling assignments and tests.

This year students will be expected to read to learn. They will be taught explicitly
how to use comprehension strategies to become better readers using the
ReadyGen Reading Program. They will be able to read many different texts to help
prepare them for the future.  Students also have a large selection of books to choose from in class to read
during the day.

Writing is incorporated throughout various subjects. Some writing we will do this
year will include: poetry, personal narrative, persuasive, compare and contrast
essay, research report, and friendly letters.

In math class at the 5th-grade level students will begin working with numbers in
new forms (fractions, decimals, etc.). They will then use the new types of rational
numbers they've learned to establish the foundations of higher-level thinking in
math. They will learn basic algebraic concepts, introductory geometry, PEMDAS/
Order of Operations, and how to begin graphing.