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Health Office

Email - hindelicato@school.olbsdepew.org
Phone #: 685-2544
Fax #: 685-9103
Hours 9:30 am - 1:30 pm


I have included some useful information below. 



All medications including over the counter and/or prescription will need a note from a physician. A parent note granting the nurse/school to administer medication during school hours is also needed. Those forms are below as well. Please do not send in cough drops or any other over the counter items unless it’s accompanied with a physicians note.


Please don’t hesitate to call or stop in if you need to update me on any cares or concerns that you may have about your child. We are all here to ensure a healthy and safe environment for all the children attending OLBS. 


Thank you so much,


Heidi Indelicato RN/BSN