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Art - Mrs. Fran Mackowiak

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My goal is to provide a safe, positive learning environment where students will explore many facets of the ever-changing art world. I constantly strive to provide students with the freedom to make mistakes, learn from their efforts, and explore the world around them.

Throughout the year students learn, explore, and question, as they experience a wide range of media, from drawing and painting, to sculpture, and photography.


Grade 6

The primary focus is on the Old Testament along with Catholic Doctrine, the sources of which are Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture. We search for the roots of Catholicism in the Jewish faith and Tradition, as illustrated in the stories of Creation, The Fall, the Exodus, The Ten Commandments, and the Prophets. Interwoven throughout are the teachings of Jesus leading the student to a broader understanding of how we are all called to live as Catholics, by virtue of our forefathers in faith

Grade 7

The primary focus is on the New Testament wherein the students will concentrate on the life, death, Resurrection, and Ascension of Jesus and how these sacred events continue today in the life of the church.

In addition, they will explore the culture, history, and people of the time of Jesus. The students will identify and explore the four Gospels and recognize the distinct types of writings found in the New Testament.