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Fifth Grade - Mrs. Jennifer Wagner

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Students can look forward to an excellent school year as a fifth grader. Creative and innovative learning techniques will be implemented throughout the year. They will also receive the motivation and positive reinforcement that it takes to be a successful student. In a warm cooperative learning environment, the students will have the opportunity to grow both academically and socially. Responsibility is also a focus in the fifth grade. Students will begin to switch classes this year for math and science.

In fifth grade social studies, the Western Hemisphere is the focus.

·       Geography of Canada, the United States, and Latin America

·       The people, culture, and history of Canada, the US, and Latin America

·       Native American Groups from North America and Latin America

·       European Explorers of North America and Latin America

·       The 50 states and United States Government

·       Map skills are practiced throughout the year

The Common Core Standards are followed for ELA, Literacy, and Writing. The learning resources for literacy in the fifth grade are as follows:

·       Trade books (balance of literacy and informational texts)

·       A Text Collection Series that offers students an opportunity to continue to explore the unit topic through a variety of genres

·       “Sleuth” books include short texts for close-reading practice

·       “Reader’s and Writer’s Journal” for student consumption

Writing assignments that include writing across curriculum are also implemented weekly.

The Religion Program that is being implemented in the 5th and 6th grade is called “Finding God: Our Response to God’s Gifts” by Loyola Press. Using this text series, student will:

·       Be introduced to new session themes weekly

·       Read Scriptures

·       Discuss important terminology

·       Learn about the lives of the Saints